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HCT Group is made up of a variety of different parts, each focussed on a particular type of work or focussed in particular communities.

our community transport vehiclesThis page sets out an overview of the different parts of HCT Group. If you’re looking for the specific web pages of any particular part of the Group, you may find it easier to use the navigation on the left hand side of this page under the heading ‘The HCT Group'. Simply click on the part of the group you are looking for and it will take you to their home page. You can also follow the additional links to find out about their specific services.

You can find information about the Group’s structure and legal forms here.

The different parts of the Group

Trading arms: HCT Group started out as Hackney Community Transport in 1982. As we developed our social enterprise model, we began to pitch for commercial work under the name of our trading subsidiary – CT Plus – in 2001. The idea was to separate work we did solely for the benefit of the community as HCT from work that we did to pay for it.

By 2004, we were operating our London red bus routes and our services in Waltham Forest as CT Plus. When we expanded to Yorkshire in 2005, we established an additional trading arm – CT Plus (Yorkshire) - to deliver and compete for contracts locally. We also have a trading arm specifically to deliver logistics and call centre services – the Transport Co-ordination Centre.

Merger partners and JVs: Other like-minded Community Transport organisations have joined the Group – Islington Community Transport in north London, LaSCoT in Lambeth and Southwark, Leeds Alternative Travel in Yorkshire. In 2011, leading south-west social enterpise Bristol Community Transport joined the Group. Each of our merger partners has retained their focus on their local community, their services, name and heritage - whilst gaining the security of being part of a larger whole.

Learning Centres: Our Learning Centres have become recognised in their own right as a key part of the Group, supporting hundreds of people who are long term unemployed in London and Leeds to gain the qualifications and support they need to get and keep jobs.

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